Motorcycle Race

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph a CCS motorcycle race. It was a great time! I lot of photos to go through, but also A LOT of interesting shots to share. Stay tuned! They’ll be posted soon!

More Bodyscapes

We made some magic with this bodyscape/lowlight session. The model nailed all of the poses, resulting in the images below. I hope you enjoy them! Whatcha think? Leave a comment below…

F3/F4 Americas Race at VIR

Went out to capture the F3/F4 races at VIR this weekend. What a treat! These young racers were really getting after it on the track! Definitely a great time; hope I can make it out to capture another event soon!

Day at the track

Took advantage of some warm(er) weather and went to the Test and Tune day at Virginia Motorsports Park. This was my first time try to photograph cars and motorcycles on the drag strip. Had a great time and got some good photos. I’ll definitely be back!

Amber at Poolside

Had a great shoot with Amber poolside. Couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere or weather! Enjoy!


Set #2 of the suspenders series; Jasmine absolutely KILLED the look! Way too many awesome photos came from this shoot! 2 sets down…one to go. Anyone interested, let me know!


Finally was able to work a project that’s been of interest for quite sometime…bodyscaping! Hope you enjoy the images. Leave some feedback! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have an ideas for my next project?

Black Ballerina

Here’s a few shots from a GREAT shoot with @curvyballerina. She was great to work with! Came with costumes, poses, and ideas in tact. Enjoy!

New Project?

  I’m at the point where I need a new creative project to work. I need some ideas!  Have a photo project in mind?  I’d like to hear it!

Summer time night shoot

Had an awesome shoot with Kay (@kay_clout) in the not to distant past.  Loving the weather to be able to pull off these shots.  I'll be glad when all of this rain is GONE!  Until then...enjoy! Libby Hill

Same location, different outcome!  This shoot with Lauren was also done at Libby Hill park; looks totally different during the day!  Hope you all enjoy!

Night Shoot at Libby Hill

So this is what happens when a sunset wasn't all that you thought it'd you transition to the next plan!  Had the opportunity to work with Kadija and create these awesome nighttime photos! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

African Sistas

Had a chance to work with two African sistas this weekend.  One from Eritrea and one from Tanzania.  When then creatives got together, there was magic!  Take a look at a few shots of your work together.  Definitely want to shoot with them again in the future!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Had the opportunity to work with a lot of young ladies for the Valentine's day themed shoots.  A lot of these definitely flexed the creative muscles!  I'm happy with the results...hope you like them, too! B&W

Gave this style a try and really pleased with the outcome...especially in B&W!  Have a handful of different color suspenders to try multiple different looks.  Hoping to expand on this series soon!  Enjoy!

Night Photography

Had the pleasure of shooting Kami at night; my time trying such a shoot.  I love the images we made and definitely want to do another one!  Interested in giving it a shot?  Contact me and let's set it up!

Charlottesville Rally

Wow.  I'm at a loss for words at the amount of ignorance I saw today in Charlottesville.  Definitely doesn't seem like something we should experience in 2017!  But it's all about heritage, not hate, right?  Riiiiiiiiight.......  

Sunset Shoot

Went out and did a sunset shoot with Anya!  We got a lot of different looks in a short timeframe.  Talk about easy to work with!  Went natural light this time; haven't done a natural light shoot in quite a while..definitely need to do more.  Enjoy the photos!