Forever Thine Wedding Workflow Review

So I've had the opportunity to work with the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow by Sleeklens.  It's a collection of Lightroom presets and brushes to help give unique looks (and dramatically speed up the editing process) of your photos.   How do I describe this?  One word....WOW!!!!  

I really wish I had these a lot earlier!  I went back and re-edited two wedding photos using these presets and brushes.  Here are the unedited photos:


Not too bad...but they definitely need some life!  I used the "Green Mile" film preset in the photo on the left, and some skin softening.  On the photo on the right, I used the "Bridesmaid" preset as well as skin softening, added some additional sunflare, and corrected some underexposure issues.  Using Lightroom on the Forever Thine workflow, the following photos are results:


I'm definitely satisfied with the results!  If you want to learn about about this workflow, visit Sleeklens at: and

As always, your feedback is welcome!