Shooting with Teauna

Talk about an awesome and versatile model!  Teauna brought her A game!  We were able to pull out three different looks in a short time span.  Hope you like them as much as I do!

Forever Thine Wedding Workflow Review

So I've had the opportunity to work with the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow by Sleeklens.  It's a collection of Lightroom presets and brushes to help give unique looks (and dramatically speed up the editing process) of your photos.   How do I describe this?  One word....WOW!!!!  

I really wish I had these a lot earlier!  I went back and re-edited two wedding photos using these presets and brushes.  Here are the unedited photos:


Not too bad...but they definitely need some life!  I used the "Green Mile" film preset in the photo on the left, and some skin softening.  On the photo on the right, I used the "Bridesmaid" preset as well as skin softening, added some additional sunflare, and corrected some underexposure issues.  Using Lightroom on the Forever Thine workflow, the following photos are results:


I'm definitely satisfied with the results!  If you want to learn about about this workflow, visit Sleeklens at: and

As always, your feedback is welcome!

Fashion Show Photography

Last Sunday I photographed the All Live Matter charity fashion show in Richmond.  First show for the organizer, and 2nd time shooting a show for me.  I had a great time always...learned a lot.  Looking forward to working with Street Empire again!

National Museum of African American History and Culture Opening!

What a great opportunity to be in DC for the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture!  Couldn't miss celebrating this historic occasion.  You know what'll be better?  Actually be able to get IN the museum one of these days!  Until then, I'll be satisfied spending the day in a sea of was awesome.




Happy New Year!  Welcome to Scott Photography's new webspace!!!  Please feel free to have a look around and let me know your thoughts!  I look forward to blogging in the future!